Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What happened in 2012 (part 1)

Wow. Another year almost gone.  I ought to go look up what I had wanted to do with the dogs in 2012 and check that against what actually happened.

Bo was fabulous.  He earned two UDX legs in light campaigning, including a UB class placement. And he earned his MX to match his MXJ.  QQs were few and far between, but if he Qed in agility, he placed.  Except once.  I was so shocked to ONLY get a green ribbon.

Then the year ended sadly for Bo, with his being diagnosed with cervical disk issues and going into 24/7 crate rest for a month.  And I still don't know if he will ever compete in obedience or agility again.  I was feeling all optimistic, until he trotted towards me the other day when I was rowing and his front movement was very uneven.  Despite this he still lives large and hard in his fragile body. 

The  silver lining is that I have learned how to start tracking training with the smalls, and both have started off well.  If I am honest and you promise not to tell Bo ... Bo got an A+++ for enthusiasm, but Tip moved up to the next grade.  Bo was easy to get excited, bouncing out of his skin to race to the glove that I had obviously dropped.  Tip, on the other hand looked disinterested and kept looking away as I walked away while showing off the glove.  He even held a sit stay while I did that.  Bo (of course) had to be restrained by main force. But when I went back and told Tip to find it, he headed off on a beeline.  And when he couldn't find it visually and mistakenly went to a leaf, then his nose dropped to the ground and he started tracking it.  Scary scary little dog.

OK, so apparently 2012 was the year of Tip. Finished his CD in three straight shots.  No NQs. He is already competing in excellent agility and earning legs with placements, having just earned his novice and open titles in the last month or two. He has powered through the agility levels like a knife through hot butter.  Once he's in B (Masters!) he won't be earning placements but I shall be surprised if he doesn't start racking up the QQs.  It is sometimes hard to believe this is the same little dog.

So what will 2013 hold? We all learn about tracking.  Tip will earn a CDX and at least 10 QQs towards his MACH as well as his MX and MXJ titles.  For Bo, we shall see what activity he is cleared for, or not.

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