Monday, February 8, 2010

Small Dogs in Snow

Bo and Tip versus Snowmaggedon.
Or was it Snowpocalypse?? I've lost track.

The smalls live up to their name -- 10 and 11" tall at the shoulder. The most recent snow storm came in at 27". (and there's more on the way tomorrow night!).

Although the storm st
opped the postal service in its tracks, Bo and Tip were not deterred. The snow suits completely rock. They are by K9 Top Coat. Tip would do OK without it, but its necessary for Bo! Bo's coat attracts snow balls faster that you can blink, and then he is quite miserable. As the coat covers much of his belly and leg furnishings, he can run around with only minimal snow ball accumulation. (If you think that's funny. you try running around with hug ice balls wedged between your legs and see how much you like it!).

Most of the neighbors who saw this pair out for their constitutional towards the end of the storm just about fell down laughing. Tip's bright red union suit was good, the ridiculous fluffy heads and tails poking out were good, but the fact that the dogs were prancing along on top of the snow, while the rest of the world was slogging through more than 2 feet of snow did the trick!

However, as you can see, Bo and Tip were pretty worn out by the whole affair, and took naps while snuggled up in their other doggy coats...