Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Tale of Two Papillons: Bo and Tip at the PCA National Specialty Agility Trials

Bo and Tip had a splendid weekend at the Papillon Club of America National Specialty.  Three whole days of papillon-only agility! Bo earned High in Trial Preferred each day, earning huge rosettes and lovely new travel kennels! 
Look at the size of that rosette!  Bo earned THREE of them!
One of Bo's HIT runs:

Bo also earned his first PACH QQ.  Tip finished his AX with first places, then went on to earn his first MACH QQ the next day!

Tip looking particularly captivating. Bo looking slightly weary.
This photo shows only a small fraction of their ribbon haul.  The facility was lovely -- and stayed surprising cool considering there were only fans, no AC.  It only really got hot on Sunday afternoon.

I did mostly remember to run Tip on his runs, rather than trying to run him like Bo.  I also found running Tip so very relaxing after running Bo!  To demonstrate the differences, here are videos from Sunday's Standard run, first Bo:

Then Tip: