Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dual Dog Agility -- day one

Today I ran both Bo and Tip at agility.  I picked the Hyattsville trial, because it is a one-ring trial.  That way I don't have to stress about trying to be in two different rings at the same time!

To cut to the chase:  4 runs, no green ribbons.  However, the runs were very good, so it wasn't all bad. in order:

 - Bo's Exc JWW was first thing.  I thought it was going to be hopeless.  But he did great and (again!) I flubbed the handling on an easy jump.  He was heading towards it, I called "right" and he turned right and avoided the jump.  D'oh!  Nice fast run, and otherwise the directionals were absolutely necessary as I ran around that course following Bo's butt!

 - Tip's Novice JWW.  ugly. stressed. He got the first jump, then theoretically right into the weaves.  only 6 poles!  He just could not do it.   So we bailed on them and tried to do the rest of the course.  We got the next 3 jumps, then he went through the long tunnel and came out like greased lightening.  got the next couple jumps then completely could not work.  I think he was just too wigged out and that was part of the tunnel speed.  But at least he didn't run away!

- Bo's Excellent STD.  The good news is he got his weaves and contacts.  I didn't get him coming out of the tunnel so he ran past the triple.  All I could think was "really?".  Then he popped out on weave pole #10.  He was almost over the last jump when I called his butt back, and made him do all 12 poles, then finished.  And made much of him.  No Qs but I felt they were lovely runs.  He was about popping out of his skin before we went in, he was so bunched, so I knew it would be a bit mad.

- Tip's Novice STD.  Tip knocked the first bar.  I think because I lead too far out and didn't give him enough space to jump.  (He is not the natural athlete Bo is).  But he started plowing up the dog walk, and I encouraged him greatly, to great effect, he build up speed, zoomed through the U-shaped tunnel, and went screaming up the teeter.  I was frantically trying to get him to slow down -- but not quite effective enough.  He zoomed off the end before it hit the ground.  Did the table nicely and another jump.  Then I think he scampered lightly across the broad jump, instead of jumping it.  But he did everything!  even the chute, and the tire, and the weaves!  And he finished the course with 30 seconds to spare!  And he was happy.  So I was happy.

Sure, I would have liked some Qs, but all things considered, I think we had a good day and hope for some Qs tomorrow.