Sunday, October 31, 2010

practicing weaves and A-frame contacts

I borrowed a contact trainer for a week or two and pulled out the 22" metal weave poles I'd got at the CDTC awards party, and set them and a couple of jumps up in the back yard. Yes, that did take up the entire back yard, and yes I did have to rake many pounds worth of needles up first.

The main reason I got them was to practice with Bo, but since I was there with treats, etc, I practiced with Tip as well. I learned (once again) that Tip picks up behaviors really quickly. You must be careful or you'll teach him wrong and the wrong behavior will stick.

Bo better watch out because Tip could be really good -- if he feels like it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Champion Tip!

CH. Waytogo's Walk This Way NJP

It is important to tell your dog the truth. This morning, before Tip went into the ring with his breeder, to compete in the bred-by-exhibitor class, I told Tip that if he did well, he could come home today.

Tip took these words to heart. As he won the bred-by class, winners dog, best of winners, best bred-by-exhibitor, and best of breed, to finish his championship in style!

Of course, the Toy group was about seven hours later in the day, so I brought Paul home, fed him, and drove back up to the Howard county fairgrounds and still had plenty of time to sit about and watch pretty dogs. Meanwhile Tip slept.

After looking quite handsome in the group ring, Tip and Bo were delighted to be reunited, ecstatic to eat chicken wing pieces, and very happy to sit about while I took a bath. Tip even found a piece of lingerie to take into his Fortress of Tipitude.

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's official! Bo is a Utility Dog!

Yep -- came in the mail today. Bo, Utility Dog. Its a good thing 'cuz I've entered him in some UDX classes coming up the next few months!

Tip is staying with his breeder, trying to drum up the last few points to finish his breed championship.

And apparently I am good at giving dogs the big head ... I mean getting them to be self-assured. (self centered, self assured....whatever)