Friday, February 10, 2012

Beauty Beau Tay

I went a bit mad and ordered photos from two different obedience trials recently.  Because they were such lovely photos of Bo working, and I have no equivalently lovely photos of Tycho working.  So under the theory that one should not make the same mistake twice, I supported my local dog sports photographers.  (I also supported the local videographers at local agility trials, but that is something else entirely)

Like wow.  Carl Gernazio caught this moment at trials at Catoctin.  I thought it was so lovely, because that is how I see Bo, gazing up at me. Nice ears. PLease note he is sitting on my novel so I could not read.

Also at Catoctin, a scenic glove retrieve.  I recently moved up to larger gloves, after a judge raised her eyebrows at our little gloves.

 Jim Poor's photos from the sheltie trial at CTA. 
In case you were wondering ... yes as far as I can tell Bo does in fact go out of his way to look as flashy as possible. 

Here is a nice sequence.  Yes -- me and Bo setting up for the directed retrieve.  
 Yes indeedy do.  That is my dog cheating and peering over his shoulder. Please note that his front is still straight.  He does the same thing when the judge goes to put out the scent articles.  Wants to make sure the judge does not run off with his article, perhaps???

My personal favorite:  in case you were thinking it was physically impossible for a 10" dog to do wrapped heeling, think again! 

Looking at these photos, I am simply thankful I have cut my hair since then!  ugh!