Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis the season

For small dogs to wear their plaid coats because it is so very very cold and windy out. They each had their plaid coat on (slightly different to match their slightly different coloring) and Paul insisted that i also wear my brown plaid coat. Apparently we made quite the sight on our walk, as at least one car stopped to gape at us.

Bo continues to be most excellent: two Qs in Open B at the Catoctin trial. Couldn't pull together a Q in Utility, but he worked very nicely, settling down to heel better the second day. First day his go outs were absolutely awesomely perfect. Second day he NQed because he took the solid jump twice. A real pity because he had been working on a 197, which could have given him a fighting shot at OTCh points. But he was really good and worked so hard. And fast! drop on recalls both days were most impressive, as he was coming in at warp 6. Yet more people were charmed by Monsieur Bo.

Tip continues to be .... Tip.