Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oriole Agility Trial = Snow. What is with that????

Tip and Bo had an excellent time at the Oriole Agility trial. Where once again it snowed and made the drive home very long, slow, and tricky. Who forgot to pay off the weather god?

Bo finished his Open Fast title on Friday, and got a bonus leg on Sunday, in which he FINALLY did the weave poles -- third time was apparently the charm. We also had a lovely run in standard, but NQed. (Yes, there will be much weave pole practice in our future! Once the snow and mud go away!)

Tip ran in Novice Preferred Jumpers with Weaves. First trial ever! He was GREAT! He even Qed! (I won't brag about getting first place, because he was the only 4" dog in the class).

Bo and Tip also got to go around the huge (and hugely crowded) Pet Expo. Tip thought that he was finally getting his due -- people had only to see him to rush over and gush over him. Let's be clear -- they were carried through the Pet Expo by yours truly.

We also had the great good fortune to get to see their breeder, Suzanne, and Tip's brother Tino. Tino was very very good and Suzanne finally got to see Bo run!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

two bath morning

mud and papillons = not better together, especially if you throw some squirrels into the mix.

Then once your papillons are nice and clean and white again, you are loathe to let them out into the mudpit formerly known as the "back yard". Tip is on my lap, and Bo is in Tip's crate, at my feet. They are both entered in agility next weekend. Tip is in Novice Preferred JWW, mostly just to see how he does at a trial, since I have not been able to practice weave poles for weeks...