Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tip photo fest

I got the order of photos from Jim Poor from the Golden trial at Westminster in October.   There are reasons to pay a professional:  like I could ever get those photos (well, no since I am out there running).  And even asking a friend to do it is asking a lot! We shall start with the most vibrant photo:  

Tip busting out of the chute! He was screaming out of there and I was out of the frame, calling him for all I was worth to turn him almost 180 to come do the teeter.  You can see he is starting to turn to his left in the photo.
Tip powers out of the chute.
Now, I have mentioned that Tip is a very earnest little dog.  I love this photo.  He looks like a very concerned little pony setting up for a jump.  Look at those ears and that expression!
Tip, looking very concerned, goes over a jump.

And in case you start wondering. "Does this dog like doing these things?  Here are a couple of photos to assuage your concerns:
Have you heard of a Tip Fly?
And remember:  an agility course is much longer for a little dog with 4" legs!  This photo gets that across, I think.
Little teeny dog off in the distance, flying over jumps.

And one last photo, because it is just that perfect:  Tip and the tire!
Nice smile!

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