Saturday, September 17, 2011

NOW you're talking my language!!!

I figured out how to tell Tip what I wanted him to do: for him to not move out of place while I walked in a circle around him.  Because if he changes position or moves, we NQ in Beginner Novice.  And I want my little Tipster to come home with a green ribbon!

Tip was doing his best to keep watching me, whihc included scooting out of posaition.  He figured he was supposed to stay sitting, but didn't realize that scooting to face another direction was not OK.

Then I thought about Tip and how to get things across to him.  So I did some sit-stays and walked around in front and beside him, and he stayed like a rock.  A small rock.  maybe a large pebble...

Then I tried walking behind him and he scooted around to keep watching me.  So I swooped in and repositioned him into the position where he started, then kept walking around him, until I got to heel position, waited, then gave him a treat and told him he was good.  I repeated this whole thing another time or two, and I think he figured out what he was doing wrong and then ... he started doing it RIGHT!!! 

I could tell him to stay and walk in a circle around him, and his butt stayed planted, stationary on the ground!

Yeah little Tipperoni!!!

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