Saturday, September 24, 2011

agility paps

Bo and Tip and I went out to meet our friend Alan and do some agility.  Despite the fact that I have been sick and all tuckered out.  So we drove out to Leesburg.  Alan had already worked his dogs, so I walked one of the courses (the one with the table!), then brought Bo out.  Bo held the start line stay then we ran the whole course really nicely!  Then I put Bo away and ran Tip, for a lark.  Except for the fact that some handling moves he just doesn't know, he was fabulous -- and darned fast!

Then I ran Bo on another course, and I got the nicest complement from Alan, on how well we were running!  Except for me getting lost, it did go really well and smoothly and easily.  even the tricky bits.

Then Alan and I worked Tip on the low teeter, just to see where he was with it.  He started going up it while we were moving it!  Then he did the teeter several times (for the reward of some of Alan's hot dog slices, as I had no treats!).  So then I brought both paps over to the main agility area, to try Tip on the full-size teeter.  no problem!!

Then Tip got to chase Minnie the MACH Canaan Dog around the arena.  Yes, that little bugger is fast when he wants to be (like when chasing a pretty girl's tail!).  Got me starting to think that maybe I might try him at agility again one of these days.  But indoor or outdoor???  I am not quite sure...

Sadness, was that after the 35 minute drive home, I got the dogs out of the car, and Bo's eye was swelling shut again.  So we spent a couple hours at the vet, waiting for an emergency appointment.  No scratches, and no idea why his eye was swelling shut.  Maybe he is just delicate.  The vet advised we try to take it easy for another couple weeks...

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