Monday, July 11, 2011

July perspective

Bo now has 16 Qs in Open and 60 Obedience Master points (all from open B).  And two UDX legs.  Now, to some obedience folks, that might seem like a modest achievement.  But this is the first time I've got a dog with a UD and the first time I have tried campaigning one at the Open B/Utility B level, so its all new to me.

He has gotten some nice scores and even a few placements.  And I continue to learn a lot, and some day I will be as good a trainer and handler as my dogs deserve.

The Utility Qs are elusive.  But what is heartening is that he continues to gain in confidence, and except for the NQs, his work in Utility continues to improve.  We have a batch more trials coming up in the coming month or two, in obedience and agility.   We shall see how they go, but at least I can look forward to going to them with my faithful, hard-working little dog, who always gives it his all.

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