Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hope springing eternal ... its like a weed

Bo is entered in two trials the next few weeks.  And the last utility practice we had on monday we was working sharp and flawlessly.  Didn't travel much on his signals, made him get felt up real good for the moving stand, and he did everything ever so nicely that our instructor finished the class with delusions of OTCh-dom...  Well, they wouldn't be delusions if he had another handler!

I am still trying to figure out what I ought to do to best get him mentally prepared to go in the ring.  Though it goes against my grain, I suspect it is a lot of sustained drilling in heeling etc, to get him in a working mind set and help him channel his drive in an appropriate direction.

But whatever happens this coming weekend, I am dead certain about one thing: I have the best dog, and he gives 110% all the time, trying to please me. 

Every judge we have shown under has commented on what fun he must be and how promising (yeah -- those were the ones who had to NQ him).

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