Monday, November 30, 2009

That was November?

Bo and I had one outstanding agility weekend and one dismal agility weekend. The excellent one was at the Capital City Cocker Club trial at Cedar Run where he finished his AXJ title and got his first excellent standard leg. The dreadful weekend was the Virginia Ruff Riders USDAA trial at Cedar run: many runs, many NQs, even at the starters level!!! Oh the shame!!! But even that had its bright spots, like the couple who went out of their way to complement me on what a great team we were.

Tip came out with us and even got to try the practice jump at the USDAA trial, once he got over his first initial nerves. I wanted to point out to Bo the nice stay Tip had...

Bo and Tip have a new girlfriend: Freedom the Canaan Dog. She is a nut. She broke Tycho's leather lead bolting after a squirrel! Luckily she's a good girl and came back when we called!

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