Monday, October 19, 2009

inattentive owner

Bo lit the afterburners and tore up two excellent jumpers courses, earning his first 2 AXJ legs. It was wet and cold, and pretty miserable. We also ripped through the standard courses, but unfortunately our courses differed slightly from the judge's courses. I will note that Bo's courses were running at a pace of 4.4 and 4.6 yards per second, and that is with him jumping 4" extra (I run him at 12" so I have a hope in hell of keeping up with him).

I learned two things:
(1) I need to collect myself and Bo before sending to the weaves, as he does not yet know how to collect himself
(2) don't leave the bed in the crate in a place where they wet down the running surface overnight, unless you want to put your dog in an icy-cold wet crate and then wonder why the poor thing never lies down. (yes, I discovered this upon PACKING UP!!!)

Tip had an excellent weekend at home with John (and then Paul, when the boy scout camping expedition got prematurely ended by the horrible weather). Tip also stole Bo's new orange stretchy lizard fuzzy toy, and spent the night with it in his crate. I discovered that in the morning, when he proudly but bashfully introduced me to his new love. That new love has since been eviscerated by Bo. Such is love.

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