Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Maybe 4 is the magic number

For Tycho, everything clicked when he was four years old.  He got a brain, all the years of training clicked, and all of a sudden we were Qing and earning titles hand over fist.  It was kinda weird.

Bo has always been good, but 4 was a really good year, even for him.

And now Tip. He is currently 4 years old.  Got his BN in 3 tries without training. Qed first time in the CD ring with ridiculously little training.  And I tried him in agility practice this past saturday: he did everything perfectly, ran, took direction, was speedy.  Did the weaves (a year since he'd even seen them).  all 12, just like that. bam.  Did the teeter -- OK -- fly off the end the first time, but stormed right up it again and waited for it to drop like a pro.  Then I tried him in the chute (which we'd never done before).  Any guesses?  yup -- he did it.

So I took him to the minisession with Paulena today.  Ran Bo on each course, then a little beagle ran, then Tip.  Tip did each course just about flawlessly.

weird, I tell you.  Guess I'll try him at a real trial and see how things go!

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