Saturday, August 28, 2010

No Q, but some lovely work

On Saturday's Oriole trial, Bo was the first dog in the ring, promptly at 8AM. Many of the Utility A entries had not arrived. Bo and I got there about 7, so we had time to warm up and get a couple good walks in.

Bo did not Q, but he worked so beautifully -- attentive, keen, precise, and flashy. And he went to heel every time without the excessive nerves that sometimes plague us. We NQed on the down signal (I think it was because I smiled as he got to half-mast, so the poor thing held that uncomfortable position for about 30 seconds!!!). The go outs were weak and he ended up forward and way to the right (by the bar jump). judge gave bar first, but on the second one, Bo ignored my signal to run all the way across the ring to take the high jump.

To work on: signals, go outs, and jumping from unlikely positions.

But overall, he worked very beautifully and I was quite happy and proud.

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