Saturday, May 8, 2010

fast dogs

None of our runs in agility today were Qs, but Bo put in a simply gorgeous standard run (he missed the down contact on the A-Frame). But everything was simply perfect and fast. 20 seconds under course time. One lady who watche dhis run said that you could really see him dig in, to propel himelf forward as fast as possible, and that it was especially noticeable coming out of the tunnels.

I never even got the chance to walk Tip's jumpers course, and he was also running fast. He seems to be gaining confidence and speeding up with every run. So he ended up going in the wrong end of the tunnel (bad handler!). You'd never know he used to be overwhelmed by new places, loud sounds, and strange people and dogs! he also has a PERFECT start line stay and will just sit at the end of hte run and wait to have his lead put back on. Bo had best watch his laurels.

Bo's jumpers run was catastrophic. bad handler. And he's gotten really bad about getting captured at the end of each run. We REALLY need to work on that!

I got a dog toy for working and Bo is currently destroying it. Tip is watching, as he wants to have the dog toy to destroy!

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